JAIME DUQUE, partner:

Attorney, graduate of the Universidad Santiago de Cali (Cali, Colombia), with a specialization in tax legislation and techniques from the Escuela Superior de Administración Pública “ESAP”, with extensive experience in taxes related to oil companies and foreign investors, foreign investment, foreign exchange and imports and exports, as well as basic knowledge of  taxes pertaining to companies in the United Kingdom and United States, which he acquired during his twenty (20) years of work at three important oil companies established in Colombia: TEXAS PETROLEUM COMPANY COLOMBIA, OCCIDENTAL DE COLOMBIA INC. and B.P. EXPLORATION EMPRESA COLOMBIANA.

Jaime Duque has participated in the following projects:

  • Coordination of the first compilation of tax laws, known as the Estatuto Tributario (Code of tax law)
  • Revision of the Paraguayan Tax Code
  • Coordination of a course on the modernization of the tax structure, for the tax authorities and employees in Guatemala.

Professor and speaker at the Colombian universities of Andes, Javeriana, San Buenaventura and Externado. Member of the Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario. Joined the firm in 2009.

Languages: Spanish and English